Introducing the New and Improved Sided: Elevate Your Publisher Engagement and SEO

Discover Sided's latest update: a powerful polling platform for publishers that boosts engagement, ad revenue, and SEO. Our white

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June 3, 2024
Introducing the New and Improved Sided: Elevate Your Publisher Engagement and SEO

Earlier this year, we launched our biggest update to the Sided web platform in over two years. We rebuilt the entire system from the ground up, creating our most requested feature to date. Here's the story of how this transformation came about and how it can benefit you.

The Journey of Sided

Over the past two years, Sided pivoted from being a consumer app to a polling platform designed specifically for publishers. We began by embedding our highly engaging polls into article pages. As adoption grew, we developed bigger and better tools to help publishers increase engagement and ultimately boost ad revenue.

Addressing Publisher Challenges

With significant changes in user privacy and third-party cookies by Google and Apple, publishers faced new challenges. We listened and identified the top three concerns:

  1. Loss of ad revenue
  2. Decreasing engagement
  3. Decline in organic search traffic

Our embedded polls effectively addressed ad revenue and engagement issues. However, we knew we could do more to improve organic traffic.

Learning from the Best

We observed that platforms like Reddit and Quora were dominating search results, especially with the rise of AI-generated content. Search engines favor discussion forums with real engagement, making them more prominent in search rankings.

The SEO-Friendly Sided Community Platform

To help publishers compete, we developed an SEO-friendly version of Sided that can be white-labeled and integrated into their domains as a community site. This allows publishers to foster engagement and rich discussions on their domains in a brand-safe way, separate from their core content.

Benefits for Publishers

  • Enhanced SEO: Each poll and the ensuing discussions can rank on Google alongside Reddit and Quora, providing a new avenue for generating organic search traffic.
  • Increased Engagement: By hosting meaningful discussions, publishers can keep their audience engaged and returning to their sites.
  • Brand Safety: The white-labeled community site maintains the publisher’s brand integrity while fostering an active community.
    Success Stories

Our partners have already seen impressive results with the new Sided platform. Here are a few examples:

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